I’m Tim van der Weide, welcome to my website. Fascinated and worried about our lost connection with neighborhood and nature, my personal mission is to reconnect people and nature, one place at a time. I work as a sustainability manager in the built environment, and study a parttime BSc in Landscape Architecture. I’m inspired by localists, mystics, and the well-rounded.

The past 14 years I’ve worked with companies on environmental and social matters (ESG), and mentored banks and investors on how to make this normal business across Europe and SE Asia. In 2007, I lived six months in a monastery in the misty hills of Northern California. From 2010 on, I spent four years as a deputy city council member. In 2014, I co-founded a road cycling store, Meesterknecht, in Amsterdam.

This site is still work in progress. I produce a very irregular newsletter to which you can subscribe. If you are looking for interesting sources, this is a list of favorite links. You can find me on Twitter.